Bespoke 1-1 Tuition

We accommodate for all levels

1-1 Tuition

At Palm Deaf, we believe it is important to meet every individual’s requirements. That is why we offer bespoke training to suit people of all stages. Whether you are new to British Sign Language or are an experienced signer, these sessions will be customised for you.

Examples on what we offer:

  • Basic BSL – How BSL differs from other signed languages and a list of vocabulary chosen by you.
  • All Levels in British Sign Language courses catered for.
  • Catch up, refresher or exam preparation sessions- perhaps you have already joined a course, but would like some extra support or time to prepare for upcoming exams.

Our sessions can be flexible and at a time that suits you.

These sessions can be online or face to face


Bespoke 1-1 Tuition 

Pricing varies depending on level. Please get in contact for more information.