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All of our BSL courses are accredited by Signature, the leading awarding body for qualifications in British Sign Language (BSL).

Candidates on any of our courses will leave having achieved a Level 1 Award in BSL or Level 2, Level 3, or Level 4 Certificate in BSL, or an NVQ Level 6 in BSL!

BSL Level 4 Bridge the Gap Course Timetable and Cost

Level 4 Certificate in British Sign Language

This course will be covered through three separate Learning Outcomes covering a range of assessment criteria and topic related vocabulary.

It will be delivered in two separate parts. Part A and Part B.

Part A will focus on ‘Language Development’ whilst covering the six topics listed below. Then, your tutor will assess your skills so far and discuss with you the potential of moving on to Part B in order to complete this qualification.

Part B will focus on the criteria needed to be achieved for this qualification. You will also cover Linguistics and how to prepare for your exams.

Before being accepted on to this course, you will need to take part in a Skype/FaceTime or face to face interview to ensure that your current BSL skills are at the required level.

Learning Outcome 1

Use receptive and productive skills to engage in extended social interaction.

Learning Outcome 2

Maintain fluency, grammatical accuracy and coherence in sustained contributions containing extended language.

Learning Outcome 3

Understand sustained signed communication containing extended language.


Topics that will be covered in the Level 4 certificate are:
• Employment and Business
• Education
• Health and Wellbeing
• Society and Politics
• Science and Technology
• Media and Culture


Assessments for the Level 4 certificate will be in the following format:


Assessment Method


Formal Presentation



10-12 mins

Informal Conversation



12-14 mins

Receptive Skills



15 mins

Course Dates

Proposed dates for this course are:

Part A
Monday 7th September 2020 – Monday 14th December 2020

Part B
Monday 4th January 2021 – Monday 28th June 2021

Cost of Level 4 BSL course

Part A - £450.00

Part B - £800.00 inclusive of all examination fees.

Total Cost - £1,250.00

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