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All of our BSL courses are accredited by Signature, the leading awarding body for qualifications in British Sign Language (BSL).

Candidates on any of our courses will leave having achieved a Level 1 Award in BSL or Level 2, Level 3, or Level 4 Certificate in BSL, or an NVQ Level 6 in BSL!

Deaf Awareness - Half/Full Day Course Timetable and Cost

Deaf Awareness Training

In the UK there are approximately 10 million people with some degree of hearing loss. We are all therefore likely to come into contact with someone with a hearing loss on a daily basis. It is important that we all have an understanding of how Deafness affects people and how people with a hearing loss often need adjustments to be made when it comes to communication.

We can offer bespoke Deaf Awareness Training designed to meet the specific needs of the service that we are providing the training for.

Within this, we will cover the following criteria:

– Terminology
– Statistics
– Language & Culture
– Society
– Communication Issues & Strategies To Overcome Them
– Technology & Communication Aids
– Language & Communication Services
– Basic Meet & Greet signs in British Sign Language and the Fingerspelling Alphabet

Duration of Training

We can offer a half-day course OR a full day course – whatever will suit your needs the best.

Number of candidates

We can deliver Deaf Awareness Training for a maximum group size of 20 candidates

Certificate of Attendance

Each candidate will receive a ‘Certificate of Attendance’ to evidence that they have received either a half day or a full day’s training on Deaf Awareness. This certificate is valid for one year.

Organisation/Company Recognition

Your organisation/company will receive a certificate to evidence that your staff has received up to date Deaf Awareness Training. This certificate is valid for one year.

Cost of Training Per Group/Session For In-house Training (We bring the training to you)

Half Day Training – £150.00
Full Day Training – £250.00

Plus travel expenses at 45p per mile if outside of the Thanet area

Cost of Training Per Group/Session Provided At Our Training Facility

Half Day Training – £200.00
Full Day Training – £330.00

Broadstairs Training Centre

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