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All of our BSL courses are accredited by Signature, the leading awarding body for qualifications in British Sign Language (BSL).

Candidates on any of our courses will leave having achieved a Level 1 Award in BSL or Level 2, Level 3, or Level 4 Certificate in BSL, or an NVQ Level 6 in BSL!

NVQ Level 6 BSL - Course Timetable and Cost

Language Development & Portfolio Building

This course will be delivered in two units. Language development will take place first, followed by Portfolio Building.

Before being accepted on to this course, you will need to take part in a Skype/FaceTime interview to ensure that your current BSL skills are at the required level.

Unit 1 - Language Development

Unit 1 Content

This part of the course will focus on developing both your productive and receptive skills, as well as further developing your Translation Skills.

You will be working towards developing your overall language skills to enable you to operate at a professionally proficient level in the target language. You will be able to understand and use complex BSL in a range of work and social situations.

In order to develop the above skills, you will be working on the following criteria throughout the ‘Language Development’ part of your course:


Placements & Referents

NMF’s & Mouth Patterns

Presentation Practice

Advanced use of Fingerspelling

Formal/Informal Register

Receptive Skills Practice

Group discussions and debates

English to BSL Translation

Assessed Tasks

Unit 1 Duration

This part of your Level 6 course will take place over 8 x 1 day sessions. These sessions will run 10am – 4pm.

New Course: NVQ Level 6 in British Sign Language

Course date: 2019

Course Period: See Above

Time: 10:00 - 16:00

Cost: Cost of complete course Unit 1 & Unit 2 = £2,050.00

Proposed dates are as follows:

Friday 18th January

Friday 1st February

Friday 1st March

Friday 15th March

Friday 5th April

Friday 26th April

Friday 10th May

Friday 17th May

Unit 2 Portfolio Building

Unit 2 Content

At this stage, you will now be expected to organise evidence collection and work towards building your portfolio of evidence. You will begin with a 1 Day Workshop, followed by regular tutorials to guide you through the process.

1 Day Workshop

This will help you to learn about the structure of this qualification, the requirements of the portfolio, including NVQ assessment procedures, evidence requirements and coursework that will form part of your portfolio. At this point, you will need to make a plan for evidence collection.


You will be allocated 6 x tutorials with your A1 assessor. Your assessor will be able to provide you with feedback on any work that you have submitted and be able to guide you in the right direction regarding further evidence collection and portfolio building.

Your assessor will be responsible for ensuring that your work meets the necessary standards and requirements. Your work will then be both internally and externally verified.

Unit 2 Course Duration

Start Friday 7th June 2019 – Begin evidence collection and portfolio building.

Finish Friday 14th December – Evidence collection complete and portfolio signed off.

Unit Cost

Cost of complete course Unit 1 & Unit 2 = £2,050.00

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