Taster Sessions + Workshops

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Taster Sessions

A BSL Taster Session will introduce you to British Sign Language and how approx 70,000 to 125,000 Deaf people in the UK communicate using BSL as their first language.

You will learn how Deaf culture is different to hearing culture and how to communicate better with people that are part of the Deaf community.

You will learn the BSL Fingerspelling Alphabet along with some basic signs that are used when meeting and greeting Deaf BSL users.

Hopefully, you will enjoy your Taster Session so much, that you will decide that you would like to further your skills and join us for a full Level 1 course!

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to Deaf Culture and British Sign Language
  • Improve on Communication with people that are part of the deaf community
  • BSL Fingerspelling Alphabet
  • Basic Signs (Meeting and Greeting)


Due to popular demand, we are now running Workshops! We run a mixed Level 1 & Level 2 group and a mixed Level 3 & Level 4 group. These workshops are to give people the opportunity to put their signing skills into practice with Deaf people and other learners.

What you will learn:

This is a fun way to practice your signing skills alongside Deaf people, BSL professionals and other learners.

+ Deaf Corner

At Palm Deaf we find it very beneficial to keep up the social side of things. Deaf Corner is an additional social club we offer and is a great way to spend time, meet and have a chat with other Deaf and BSL users/learners. 

The third Friday of every month 10-12pm

Holy Trinity Church Cafe, Margate


Taster Sessions

Daily cost



2hr session – monthly


Deaf Corner

3rd Friday of every month